Resource Centre for “Youth are the Law” campaign, 2010-2014, Pcinja District

supported by Ministry for youth and sport (value between 15,000 and 20,000 EUR annually). In the period of 5 years Generator acted as resource centre of Ministry for youth and sport for Pcinja District. The resource centers were responsible for the implementation of National strategy for youth through an open call for youth organisations and non-formal groups and monitoring and supervision of the implementation of supported voluntary actions.

Step Forward 2009, Vranje

was supported by the Serbian Ministry of Youth and Sport. This was a four-month project whose aim was to raise the awareness about violation of human rights, antidiscrimination, inclusion and to engage young Serbs, Roma and Albanians from Bujanovac, Vranje, Surdulica and Vladičin Han in being active in their local community. The project was implemented in partnership with youth offices and high-schools from all four municipalities. This project thus also served to enhance the cooperation between the non-governmental sector and institutions. Educating more than 400 young people, teacher and parents through an interactive theatre performance enabling a public debate we wanted to raise the awareness of young people and other citizens about the importance of inclusion of young people of various ethnic groups, about the respect of human rights and antidiscrimination.

Activator – accelerator, December 07 / June 08, Vranje, Bujanovac, Preševo

was supported by Ministry for Youth and Sport in Republic of Serbia. It was a 6-month project which took place in Southern Serbian municipalities of Vranje, Bujanovac and Preshevo, implemented by 3 partner organisations – Generator from Vranje, OFER-Youth Forum for Education of Roma from Bujanovac and Green World from Preshevo. The project succeeded to gather over 60 young people of different background from Southern Serbia, educate them by using methods of non-formal education and empower them to be actively involved in social life of their society. The trainings provided young people with the knowledge about youth associations, activism, democratic values, prejudices, discrimination and human rights as well as the skills to prepare project proposals and implement the actions. The young participants had to prepare at least 3 local actions per town and 1 regional action. The actions were mainly outdoor raising-awareness campaigns, survey on youth needs and actions aiming at increasing the number of young people informed about local events and possibilities for young people to spend their free time. At the end of the project the participants went on a study visit to Belgrade where they had meetings and presentations of several successful youth organisations.

International youth cooperation on European level (2005 – 2016)

Throughout the three youth programmes of EU – Youth (2000-2006), Youth in Action (2007-2013) and Erasmus (2014-2020), Generator has implemented many youth projects with partners from South-East Europe and EU. We organized and participated in numerous youth exchanges, training courses, study visits and EVS projects. Just to name few: Theatre in Action (2012/2013), Theatre for Open Dialogue (2011), Document, Sustainable rights (2010), Inclusion through music (2009), Be animated (2008), Photo-communication (2006/7) and many more.

European Voluntary Service (EVS)

Generator has been receiving the volunteers from different countries in EU such as France (6), Spain (3), The Netherlands (4), Portugal (2), Italy (1) and Slovakia (1). One of the main aims of EVS is to promote intercultural learning between local people and the young people coming from other countries. Thanks to EVS volunteers Generator has been able to encourage the development of intercultural understanding in a long term perspective. Moreover, the volunteers constantly contributed to the social and economic development of Vranje. And after all these years, we stay in touch through different projects, activities, travels…

Nights for Europe, 2010, Vranje

were supported by Generator. After eights weeks of regular sessions the Nights for Europe project realized by the EVS volunteers in Generator was concluded on 8th December. All of our sessions met with interest from the participants with each session being attended from 10 up to 20 young people. All of our activities were very interactive, we played games and quizzes, competed in teams and discussed various topics relating to the European Union. Three sessions were dedicated to presentations of the EVS volunteers’ countries – Slovakia, France, and Portugal.

French and Serbian Youth meet each other through photography, May 2007, Vranje

Thanks to the initiative of our French partner, Centre d’Animation MJC Flers, we have implemented mutual youth photo-project. Youth from Southern Serbia and Normandie participated. The aim of this initiative was to enable the communication between young people in two countries to meet and learn more about each other through photography. The exhibition in Vranje was opened by Elodie Ernoult, an intern from MJC, in Bora Stankovic High School on 13th September. The same exhibition opened in Flers in August. The Vranje high school parliament participated in this project.