Generator especially has expertise working with youth by using art-for-social change methodology in the field of human rights and minorities on local and international level. Many Serbian and international contemporary artists have been working with Generator and developed various solutions for the problems of local communities with the unique context of South Serbia – post-conflict region; Serbs, Albanians and Roma as major ethnicities; the less developed region in Serbia etc. The major methodology Generator has applied is Theater of Oppressed, as well as other forms of engaged theater: forum theater, theater in education, community theater etc. But, we have worked with young people in other mediums, too such as: photography, graffiti, music – modern and traditional, documentary and animated films etc. Our usual activities are: ToT trainings and seminars, workshops, conferences, festivals, performances, theater presentations, art jams, concerts, raising-awareness campaigns etc.

The 2nd line of our work is on development of young creative scenes in the City of Vranje. Through several projects in the 5-year period 2009-2014, Generator has succeed to develop heavy-metal music scene (the only one that had a potential for development) by providing seminars, networking activities, volunteering at big festivals, performing at Balkan Streets Festival as well as at partners' festivals abroad etc. The scene now has at least three bands that won awards at Serbian festivals, published CDs, perform regularly, tour and organize festivals and concerts in the town. Young visual scene got a chance to collaborate with European artists, at home and abroad, which allowed young artists to open up to new forms of work and collaboration.

The 3rd important line of our work is preservation of cultural heritage – traditional handcrafts, music and gastronomy. In 2005 / 2006 Generator implemented a project dedicated to preservation of weaving on traditional looms, supported by the EU. 40 women were trained in weaving, produced materials that were used in creation of products that were promoted nation-wide. Since 2007 we have started our work with Roma brass orchestras. There are around 400 Roma musicians playing brass music on a very unique way in south Serbia and Vranje can qualify to get a title of European New Orleans. Our plan is to work on better access to music education for talented Roma, work on recognition of this type of music, and work on developing marketing and management skills of the bends. Generator's activities in preserving local gastronomy heritage were a part of every international activity since 2006. In 2015 Generator supported an initiative by Gordana Ristic and Marija Jankovic and published their Traditional South Serbian Cookbook. Its main goal is to promote Serbian gastronomy on world food scene, as well as South Serbian traditional customs, described in the book.

The 4th line of our work is support to development of civil society through capacity building activities. We have provided necessary trainings and mentoring, coaching and supervision of voluntary actions and small-scale projects to non-formal youth groups, youth and minorities organisations in the framework of numerous projects in South Serbia.