Traditional South Serbian Cookbook, 2015-now

prepared by Gordana Ristic and Marija Jankovic, photographer from Belgrade, was published in 2015. The two ladies’ initiative was crowd funded by Kickstarter. Generator supported them by publishing their book. It goal is to promote Serbian and Balkan gastronomic heritage on the global level. In the times when food industry is thriving the Balkans as a region stays aside and this cookbook tries to present the region in its best. The EU info center of the Delegation of European Commission in Serbia recognized the value of the cookbook and two photos were selected to be part of their calendar for 2018 – the year of cultural heritage in Europe.

Support to Roma Brass musicians, 2008-now

provided within various projects. Music was the door out of the ghettos for many Roma musicians in South Serbia for over 150 years, and it still remains the same. It has been the only source of income for many Roma families in South Serbia, other than field work and house work, and more recently, garbage collection for recycling. The musicians and their families used to be better integrated into south Serbian society than other Roma groups because of the music. However, working on the recognition of their work and improving the education and working conditions will further improve their social inclusion into Serbian society. Generator has an interest in promoting the Roma brass music from Vranje region internationally since its foundation. Many brass musicians attended workshops and few brass bands performed at the festival in Dresden and Erfurt, Germany in the period 2011-2014. We cooperate with Canadian and American brass musicians since 2011 and connect them with the Roma bands. We have also provided assistance to Roma musicians in obtaining visas and international cooperation etc. Part of this initiative is a participation at WOMEX in 2010 and 2011 (World Music Exposition) with presentation of “Possibilities for development of cultural tourism in South Serbia through Roma brass music” at panel on cultural economies at WOMEX 2010 and official Serbian stand at WOMEX 2011 promoting Serbian traditional music with a focus on Roma brass music. The project was supported by the Ministry for culture in 2011.

Support to “Save Serbian American Museum”

campaign of Serbian Diaspora in Chicago in 2016 with the following interventions: maintaining the contacts with Serbian community and officials (Alderman, Dep. for Development), non-profit organisations in the field of preservation (Preservation Chicago, Chicago Landmarks), experts from the field, cultural associations of minorities in Chicago; creation of a FB page Save Serbian American Museum in cooperation with Serbian American activist; petitioning within the neighbourhood; actively participating at the regular meeting of Commission on Landmarks. The Commission on Landmarks approved the Museum's designation in February 2018.

The “Socio-economic integration of unemployed women in Pcinja District”, 2005 / 2006

project was supported by European agency for Reconstruction and implemented by Generator in partnership with NGO ABC Cetre. The project was aimed at preserving cultural heritage of Pcinja District by preserving traditional weaving, applicable to modern trends. The project stoked a domestic manufacture and makes the pre-conditions for founding of small enterprises and shops for making and selling the fashionable clothes made of modern materials that were created and produced on the traditional way. It trained 40 unemployed women in weaving on traditional looms and running their small businesses.